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parent and family training

Parent and family training is based on extensive research examining parent-child interaction patterns and the ways children learn. We recognize that families play a most important role in their children’s development. Therefore, in parent and family training, families are trained to become “co-therapists” in the treatment of their children’s behavior problems.

Parent and family training represents a therapeutic approach in which families are taught how to:

• Increase desirable child behavior
• Proactive and reactive parent-child interaction skills
• Improve parent-child interactions
• Bring about a positive family atmosphere.
• To effectively use a number of skills and techniques for improving their children’s behavior.

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Michael Camhi and Anthony Schlosser are the Co-Directors and owners of Frontier Behavioral Services, LLC and we strive to utilize the most innovative techniques and empirically evidenced strategies for our students. The tenants of Applied Behavior Analysis drive all strategies and decisions.

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